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  • Paige Bueckers and Aubrey Griffin are returning to UConn next season

Paige Bueckers and Aubrey Griffin are returning to UConn next season

The pair revealed their plans for the future after senior night.

Photo: Ian Bethune

Paige Bueckers is officially returning to UConn next season. The redshirt junior announced the news during the senior night festivities following the Huskies’ win over Georgetown on Friday night.

“I know everybody wants me to address the elephant in the room. Unfortunately, this will not be my last senior night here at UConn,” she told the crowd postgame.

Aubrey Griffin also announced she’ll come back next year, though Geno Auriemma accidentally broke that news when speaking to the media on Friday.

“Everybody already knew,” Griffin told SNY with a laugh when asked about her coach jumping the gun.

As for the other two seniors — Aaliyah Edwards and Nika Mühl — they both declined to say if they’ll also use their additional season of eligibility.

“All I'm gonna say is: Not done yet,” Edwards told SNY with a shrug.

"I'm really taking it day by day. I'm staying in the present. The only thing I'm focusing on right now, taking it game by game, so I'll have the answer later for you,” Mühl said to SNY.

While Mühl declined to say anything about her future, Auriemma doesn’t expect the point guard to be back.

"I think Nika is looking forward to the next step in her career, from what I gather,” he said postgame. “That doesn't mean the season ends and she has a change of heart."

As for the coach himself, he confirmed he’ll return for next season as well — not there was any real doubt about that.

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