What UConn learned about itself in Europe

“I liked what I saw when we were at our best...when we were at our worst, that's why God invented red wine.”

Neil Patel - UConn Athletics

Before UConn women’s basketball departed for its European tour, Geno Auriemma explained how his team would benefit from the trip.

“I tell the team every time we've gone over there, we found out something about somebody on our team that helps us going forward, or they find out something about themselves and their teammates,” he said back in August. “Who's a good teammate? You find out on these trips. Who’s selfish? Who’s unselfish? Who cares about other people? Who doesn't care about other people? Who communicates?“

While only so much can be gleaned from four exhibition contests — especially since the competition in two of them was sub-par, to put it nicely — the Huskies saw enough to know where they excel and, more importantly, what still needs work.

The biggest takeaway? UConn is at its best when it attacks on both ends of the court.

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